Veiligheids- and gezondheidsregio Gelderland-Midden – Safety and Public Health Services Gelderland Midden (VGGM)
The Netherlands
VGGM deals with the Public Health Services, mainly with preventive medicine on a local level, in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands. Areas of interest are youth health care, infectious diseases, environmental medicine, school health care, health education, epidemiology, ambulance services. The Department of Environmental Medicine has longstanding experience in dealing with environmental health problems. The Netherlands was the first country in Europe where physicians were trained in environmental health. These consultants deal with a wide range of environmental problems and have build up a strong professional network of scientists, policy-makers, advocates, educators and other stakeholders. At a policy level the department contributes to a large portfolio of topics in public health, including child health, noise, green natural environment. The Public Health Services provides background expertise and serves as an advisory body to the local or provincial councils.

Key Staff

Peter Jan van den Hazel
Moniek Zuurbier