Policy Involvement and Dissemination

Workpackage 6 – Dissemination
Led by Peter van den Hazel (HGGM)

Stakeholder involvement is critical for bringing outside (policy) ideas into the research planning and a better implementation of the results of the project. In this type of EC project, the stakeholder involvement is often limited because the lack of interest of stakeholders and the limited resources and efforts of consortia.

Dialogue will be established and maintained between stakeholders including policy makers, authorities, architects, relevant institutions and the research community. Information will be disseminated on the state of the art in health and the natural environmental science including the various sub-disciplines involved. The activities are intended to strengthen networking between researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders in order to facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge to policy development, to exchange ideas about best practice and to help identify emerging issues on the natural outdoor environment and its mechanisms to improve health.

PHENOTYPE has a broad range of stakeholders from local, regional and national government, green space managers, NGOs, health care providers, public health, city planners, policy makers and researchers. They will be involved in all stage of the work.


Stakeholder input and dissemination