Project Management

Workpackage 1 – Management
Mark Nieuwenhuijsen and Diana van Gent (CREAL)

To achieve the objectives of the project, PHENOTYPE has been broken down into a number of work packages (WPs) with each its own WP leader with scientific, communicative and managerial responsibilities. An appropriate management structure is set up accordingly.

Management and coordination is undertaken at:

1) Full project level: the Project Executive Committee (PEC), comprising the Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Partner Leads. This is the main forum for decision making of the project;

2) Work package (WP) level: through WP management teams, comprising WP leaders and contributing partners;

3) Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) level: The SAB comprises three members, who will be invited to the workshops, following which a brief evaluation report will be provided to the Project Coordinator. The members provide expertise, enabling them to advice and steer on the scientific approach taken and its impact. The SAB can also be requested to advise the EC on specific questions, and documents received from it will also be provided to the Commission to ensure transparency.